About us


For over 10 years Carel has specialized in woodworking, from primary processing to finished products, capacity used at maximum for what we do. We managed to create an extensive range of products and models required on the market. We started with the  parquet and floors manufacturing and now we manufacture solid wood furniture.
Fir products
Fir tree, a tall tree, up to 50 meters, is an elastic white wood with beautiful texture, the tree that enjoys our winter holidays, it brings warmth to our homes and memories of the mountain vacations.
Oak products
The wood from the product that we offer you has waited 120-150 years to become a part of your life. We give you not just a simple product of furniture, but along with it, a history for over a century, a story over the centuries, received by us, given to you, take the story further. 
Old wood products
The old wood products come from wood that is hundreds of years old that refuses to die, which served to some lives and which transforms the product we want to offer you. Make it part of your life for the next century.
Turkey oak products
Oak - noble wood, the ebony of the Carpathians, robust, straight and resistant
Turkey Oak - the rebel oak of the Quercus family, its wilderness was borrowed from the animals of the forests and Dracula's spirit. Its colours are mixed in a wild game, its cracks, the consequences of its eternal disobedience. Combined with the metal, it expresses the force of horsepower!