Wood, a story of the forest


Carel Woodworks is a woman owned family business, making bespoke solid wood furniture in our state of the art factory near the Carpathians mountains of Transylvania.

The company was founded by Elena Birtoc and Carlos Zamorano in 1991 and is a member of the governing board of the Association of Romanian Furniture Manufacturers (APMR).

Using reclaimed and FSC certified wood, our passion is to create timeless heirlooms that enhance the spaces they are in, incorporating all the details required for functionality and style.

Welcome to our World!


Carel Woodworks has always delivered excellence in execution and has been a model of consistency throughout the years. Our experience of over 20 years has allowed us to become a market leader both in our country and abroad.

We have built a reputation through quality services and products thus establishing a high level of brand awareness. Our efforts are closely aligned with our clients needs and specifications.

We have defined our brand throughout the years and we stick to it!

Sustainability is the key

How can logging ever be sustainable when, by definition, it requires that trees be cut down? For many, the term “sustainable forestry” may seem like an oxymoron. The complete answer is complex, but if we had to reduce it to one word, it would be “balance.” Our production is our most sustainable feature, through energetic efficiency and superior conditions for the safety and protection of our 100 woodworkers and employees, 35% of which are women. Our company is actively involved in organizations for the protection of the last virgin forests in Europe, which surround our beautiful city and grounds. We replant trees for the efficient and responsible management of the forests, and reclaim old growth trees that fall naturally and would otherwise be lost. We nurture and respect our place in our natural ecosystems while producing pieces that are intrinsically sustainable due to their durability and long life cycle. Balance is key for us, that’s why we make sure that use use every part of the tree. Our love is wood. And we hope to transmit that love into every piece we make.


We hold great respect for our environment, as demonstrated by our certifications. The ISO 9001 certification shows our quality of business processes, the ISO 14001 for a production based on a sustainable environmental policy and FSC® C148620 for the use of wood from certified forests.

Getting comfortable with furniture customization

Is a must nowadays that is why we are the perfect partner to designers who know what they want: flawless craftsmanship, competitive pricing, functionality and beauty. Our company designs for particular brands, following their aesthetic and functional parameters. We take very much pride in the partnerships we formed with amazing people from all over the world. At Carel Woodworks, we constantly aim for long-term continuity with our amazing partners and love building strong relationships! Our past collaborations have given birth to unique products for clients from around the world. We are always open to new partnerships so please feel free to reach out.

High volumes

We make our clients’ vision come true, while being sensitive to project schedules and deadlines. Worldwide shipping has never been easier than with Carel. Our factory ships over 250 trucks per year without troubles or delays. Anywhere from one piece to 5000, Carel can deliver excellence within the required deadlines.

Worldwide presence

We thrive in collaboration and understand large scale production and logistics as well as the detailed coordination required for unique bespoke fabrication. Our presence is felt at the worlds largest furniture exhibitions such as ICFF New York, Maison & Objet Paris, Salone del Mobile Milano, IMM Koln, Mebel Moscow, IFFS Singapore and many others. Made in Romania, servicing USA, Europe, Russia and The Middle East. We offer Worldwide shipping to over 1000 locations and counting.

Strategic location

Our headquarters is located in Satu Mare County,  at the north-western border of the great country of Romania. You may otherwise know this area as Transylvania. We operate in Renovatio Industrial Park, 10 km away from the Hungarian border, 35 km from the Ukrainian border and 50 km away from the 5th corridor that connects Lisbon with Kiev.

Worldwide shipping

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