Technical equipment provides the safety of manufacturing high quality products, so we have a wide range of modern equipment.
The fact that the equipments are the latest generation gives them a sustainable feature through energetic efficiency and superior conditions of safety and labor protection.
Our activity of production includes from wood cutting to finishing services.
The technical equipment is included in the complete process of our business, the sawing of the logs and varnishing the finished products.
From the cutting logs line BRENTA, to the process of drying the timber in the INCOMAC dryers and to the mechanical processing machinery WEINIG, the pressing of the elements with presses of high frequencies currents, to precisely manufacture by numerical control machines (CNC), following their calibration by the VIET machines, and then the finishing, through varnishing with either CLEAN, CATINAIR robot or by the modern UV drying line for pouring the lacquer, CEFLA.