Steekla Table

The Steekla Table range offers a range of sizes to accommodate comfortable dining and conversation for groups of 6 or 8 people. Designed with inspiration from the forest and its interconnected branches and limbs, this table range showcases the beauty of natural materials in a functional and stylish way.


The slight limbs on the table not only add to its natural aesthetic but also serve a practical purpose, allowing you to hang a bag or scarf while in use. The angled edge of the table also invites you to sit in closer, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection during meals and conversations.


Whether it’s a dinner party or a meeting at the office, the Steekla Table provides the perfect blend of functionality and style for your needs.


Product Dimensions: 2200 x 1000 x 750mm / 2800 x 1000 x 750mm

by Hill Studio x Carel Woodworks


Available wood finishes:


Available in bespoke finishes and RAL

Our standard finishes:

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