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Carel Woodworks is dedicated to upholding ethical standards, transparency and accountability across all levels of operation

Ethics &

At Carel , ethics are the heartbeat of all we do. Our Code of Conduct acts as a compass, steering our team, suppliers, and allies towards ethical excellence.


Our company champions integrity, truth, and equity in every exchange and deal. We're dedicated to instilling these values in our team, nurturing a culture that cherishes ethical behavior in every facet of our operations.

We have a zero-tolerance stance against corruption. Our anti-corruption policies encompass stringent measures to prevent bribery, fraud, extortion, and other corrupt practices.


These policies align with legal frameworks, promoting ethical behavior and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Regular training and awareness programs reinforce these policies across all levels of the organization.

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Governance & Risk Management

Our board of directors embodies diverse expertise and perspectives, ensuring effective governance.


Responsibilities and decision-making roles are clearly delineated within the board. Transparency, accountability, and strategic oversight are the cornerstones of our governance framework.


The board plays a crucial role in overseeing risk management, setting the company's strategic direction, and ensuring alignment with ethical standards.

Carel Woodworks employs a robust risk management strategy encompassing comprehensive risk identification, assessment, and mitigation procedures.


This approach spans various operations, prioritizing proactive risk mitigation strategies. In particular, we focus on addressing risks related to business ethics, compliance, and legal matters to ensure sustainable and ethical practices.

Compliance, Transparency and Reporting:

Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements is paramount. Carel Woodworks maintains strict adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.


We continuously monitor changes in legal requirements, ensuring our practices comply with the latest standards.


Regular audits and assessments ensure compliance across all operational facets.

We value transparent communication and reporting practices. Our commitment to stakeholders includes regular and comprehensive reporting, covering financial disclosures, sustainability reports, and other relevant disclosures.


Transparency in reporting fosters trust among stakeholders and demonstrates our commitment to ethical governance.

Company Values
stakeholder training

Stakeholder Engagement, 
Training and Education:

Engaging stakeholders is central to our governance approach. We actively seek input and feedback from shareholders, employees, customers, and communities.


This engagement helps us understand diverse perspectives, align our practices with stakeholder expectations, and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Continuous education and training programs are integral to our governance strategy. These initiatives educate employees on governance, ethics, compliance, and related matters.


By providing ongoing training, we empower our workforce to integrate ethical principles into their daily operations, ensuring ethical conduct at all levels.

Collaborations with the best clients and partners

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