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At Carel Woodworks, we love wood and we are passionate about finding new and creative ways to shape it and transform it into design pieces of furniture. 

Innovation, design & quality are the main growth pillars of Carel, however we are aware of the importance of a solid sustainability policy.

We are constantly developing better and more efficient ways of consuming as well as manufacturing.

We are happy to be able to add that extra in the ordinary and create pieces from such a noble material as oak wood, but at the same time we always keep in mind the responsibility that comes with it. 

Hence our motivation to give back to nature a fragment of what we receive and help restore the natural balance of the planet in time.

About Romania

​Carel Woodworks has managed to go back to its origins, to conceptually shape elements from nature and reshape them in a distinctive style using premium, elevated materials, while still maintaining our tradition.


Romania occupies a leading place in Europe, at the low level of carbon emissions. It was the first country to sign the Kyoto Agreement on protection against climate change.

Romania is also ranked 2nd in Europe in the areas of virgin and quasi-virgin forests. Romania is home to the second, oldest virgin softwood forest in Europe, 300-400 years old, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (source FB Minister of the Environment)


This forest is called the Wooden Cathedral of the Rarau-Carpathian Mountains, an impressive natural cathedral.

Last year we registered in the Catalog of virgin and quasi-virgin forests an area of 26,000 hectares.

We represent a democratic design with astrong personality that reconciles the aesthetic

and the functional.

Through the contrast between shapes we push the limits of classically understood furniture and make room for designers' imagination to build a modern and comfortable space that evokes feelings of warmth.


In terms of energy consumption, in 2019, little over of 24% energy consumption originated from renewable energy sources, placing our country on the 10th place in the EU and above the union’s average level.


In 2020, electricity production in Romania was comprised of 12.4% wind power, 3.4% from photovoltaic solar panels, while 27.6% of the electricity production was coming from hydropower.

Our country’s greenhouse gas emissions fell over 50% compared to 1990’s levels due to an increase in energy efficiency and gradual compliance to more restrictive environmental standards. 

Romania is heavily involved in the

European Grean Deal project, FIT55. 

Through the National Recovery and Resilience
program, PNRR, our country is the beneficiary of huge funds for environmental protection.

We reached a total of 70 ,069 ha of land, which benefit from absolute protection.

About Carel Woodworks

​In the past few years, sustainability has become a top 
priority at Carel, we are thrilled to be able to tell the world about the steps we have made towards becoming an environmentally friendly company.

Our company is actively involved in organizations for the protection of the last virgin forests in Europe, which surround our beautiful city and grounds.

According to the decision (EU) 2019/1713 and the 
EU Directive 2015/2193 of the European Parliament, regarding the limitation of emissions into the atmosphere, the Romanian National Environment Agency requires mandatory reporting of carbon emissions on a quarterly basis.

Thus, Carel reports this data quarterly.


Furthermore, Carel Woodworks actively participates in activities to promote climate protection solutions through meetings with the Minister of the Environment, in order to be prepared and informed in making smart investments in environmental protection.

We are aware that we cannot evolve outside and against the environment.


Hence we strive to become a more and more climate-resilient business.

Collaborations with the best clients and partners

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