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by Hill Studio x Carel Woodworks

“The range began with a conversation and review of traditional Romanian woodwork and craft, and how to be best showcase but modernize this theme. 


          Ideally we wanted to create products that could flex between a living and working environment, while featuring the craftsmanship and tradition. 


          I developed some of my design cues from Japanese and minimalist influences. I found these intersections of culture, craftsmanship, and flexibility to be critical and inspiring.


         The end goal was to generate modern, yet subtle and rational products. The post and dowel construction was a direct relational nod to the material, forest and timber. 


         I found myself curious about the intersections of the same components, such as dowels, and how to build using these common, easily manufactured part. 


         The dowels and circles are a translation of the common spaces and uses of these products, something we can all relate to and approach.”     Jesse Hill

Jesse Hill

Hill Studio is a Baltimore-based design studio founded by Jesse Hill in 2019. Fueled by a passion for all furniture and lighting archetypes, Hill aims to develop products that bring beauty, joy, function, and betterment to the everyday. 



Hill explores how the dots are connected when designing a project from a lens of his own perspectives “ I am interested in the parameters of materials, manufacturing, and user needs, filtering down to the most streamlined function. 



My process is about refining the form to its cleanest and inviting expression, constructed within constraints. I always strive for simplicity, approachability, function, context, and intention.”


Steekla Dining & 
Collaboration Table 

The Steekla Table range offers a range of sizes to accommodate comfortable dining and conversation for groups of 6 or 8 people.


Designed with inspiration from the forest and its interconnected branches and limbs, this table range showcases the beauty of natural materials in a functional and stylish way.

The slight limbs on the table not only add to its natural aesthetic but also serve a practical purpose, allowing you to hang a bag or scarf while in use. The angled edge of the table also invites you to sit in closer, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection during meals and conversations.


Whether it’s a dinner party or a meeting at the office, the Steekla Table provides the perfect blend of functionality and style for your needs.

Steekla Dining &
Side Chair

The Steekla Dining/Side Chair is a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture designed to enhance your dining or seating experience.


With its airy design, this chair provides a comfortable and inviting place to sit while still allowing you to appreciate the materials it is made from. 


The chair is available in a range of upholstery colors and textures, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best fits your personal style and decor. 


Additionally, the solid oak used in the construction of this chair is also available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to further customize it to your liking.


Whether you are looking for a comfortable and functional seating option for your dining room, or a chic and stylish accent for your living space, the Steekla Dining/Side Chair is the perfect choice.


Steekla Lounge Chair

The Steekla Lounge Chair is the perfect blend of comfort and style.


With its soft textiles and plush design, this chair was created to envelop and cushion the

user in comfort.


The boundary of soft wood armrests and legs serves as a sturdy and supportive frame for the upholstery, providing a cozy and secure

place to relax.


Whether you’re reading a book, watching television, or just taking a nap, the Steekla Lounge Chair is the perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. 


The combination of soft textiles and gentle curves with the warm, natural look of wood creates a sense of comfort and tranquility that is sure to make this chair a favorite in any home, office or lounge area.

Steekla Storage Group

The Steekla Storage Group is a versatile and stylish storage solution for any home and office.  It offers three options for organizing and storing your belongings: a sideboard height unit, a sideboard with open shelving at standing height, and a standing height open shelving unit.


Each piece in this range leverages taller dowel posts as its main support system, taking inspiration from the forest and tree branches. 


This design choice not only provides a sturdy and stable base for each unit but also adds a touch of nature and organic charm to your home decor.


Whether you need additional storage space for your dining room, living room, or office, the Steekla Storage Group provides a range of options that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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