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by PHAT Studio x Carel Woodworks

 “Our partnership with Carel has been an insightful look into a culture we

had not previously explored.


         Romania’s rich decorative heritage melded with a brutalist intensity seen in architecture across the country, guided us in our attempt to harmonize harsh forms with subtle details, soft appearances with bold structures.”  PHAT Studio

Claudia Surrage &
Christian Cowper

PHAT is an award winning British design studio based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, representing the collaborative work and professional partnership of Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper. Bold and honest. 

Christian and Claudia’s approach to design celebrates materials for what they are, expressing their beauty through form and proportion. 



Graduation of Three-Dimensional Design, alongside the study of ceramics built a strong foundation of knowledge on top of an intuitive creative grounding for the duo.


A natural intrigue and sensitivity for form, proportion and material choice, combined with a sense of human and emotional connection, have allowed Claudia and Christian to create beautiful works often with a distilled simplicity.


Angus Table

The Angus Table is a stunning piece of furniture that showcases traditional joinery methods in a sharp and contemporary design. With its finger joints, the table creates a pattern of contrasting wood grain along the full height of each leg, adding depth and texture to its appearance. The acutely angled slabs of the table legs also allow for shadows to become a unique

and eye-catching detail.


The designers of the Angus Table aimed to create a piece that would stand out for its aesthetic, combining traditional techniques with a modern sensibility. The result is a table that is not only functional but also visually striking, making it the perfect addition

to any home or office space.


Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your dining room, or a functional and stylish workspace, the Angus Table is the perfect choice.

Pasco Chair

The Pasco Chair is a comfortable and stylish seating option designed with the user in mind.


The designers behind this chair aimed to create a piece with generous proportions and a sense of openness and understanding in its construction.


This is achieved by cradling the seat and backrest within the frame, providing a feeling of comfort and

support for the user.


With its emphasis on comfort, the Pasco Chair is the perfect choice for a variety of settings, from a relaxing living room to a cozy reading nook.


The combination of spacious design and supportive frame creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that is sure to make this chair a favorite in your home.


Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish seating option, or a chic and functional accent piece, the Pasco Chair is the perfect choice for any

home, office or restaurant.

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Cannoli Collection

Unleash your senses and surrender to a delectable symphony of emotions with Carel Woodworks' pastry-inspired sofa collection, a breathtaking collaboration that stirs the depths of your soul, brought to life by the visionary artisans at

Studio Phat.


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting Cannoli range, where the artistry of oak-framed furniture transcends the ordinary, evoking an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder.


Experience the graceful Cannoli Sofa, a masterpiece that harmonizes classic elegance and contemporary minimalism, while the inviting Cannoli Lounge Chair embraces you in a tender embrace of comfort and style.


Complete your ensemble with the versatile Cannoli Ottoman, an embodiment of luxurious versatility that takes your breath away. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection, where every touch, every moment, whispers of unparalleled luxury and resonates with the deepest corners of your heart.


Elevate your living space and ignite your spirit with the embodiment of sheer opulence, for you deserve nothing less.

Explore the PHAT Collection

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