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Nuba Palace, Romania

Carel Woodworks collaborates with renowned establishments like Nuba Group... create exceptional and customized furniture pieces that enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of these remarkable venues.

Nuba Group, a prominent name in the Romanian hospitality industry with six years of experience, boasts a diverse portfolio that includes day-to-night coffee and wine bistros, as well as upscale restaurants and clubs.

One of Nuba Group's latest additions is the Nuba Palace in Iasi, where Carel Woodworks had the honor of crafting tailor-made furniture to elevate the dining and lounging experience for their guests.

Whether you're visiting for a special lunch, a delightful dinner, or simply enjoying your favorite meals for takeout or delivery, Nuba Palace and other Nuba Group venues aim to create unforgettable moments and lasting impressions.

The commitment to excellence in every aspect of the dining experience mirrors Carel Woodworks' dedication to producing high-quality, customized furniture that harmonizes with the unique character and vision of each establishment.

Carel Woodworks takes pride in contributing to such extraordinary projects and sharing the same passion for delivering exceptional experiences to patrons

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