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WeWork Harcourt, Ireland

We take immense pride in contributing to WeWork Harcourt's mission of providing a dynamic...

At Carel Woodworks, we take immense pride in contributing to WeWork Harcourt's mission of providing a dynamic and thriving workspace environment in the heart of Dublin 2. Our collaboration with WeWork Harcourt reflects our dedication to crafting furniture and office solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of modern workspaces.

We were excited to be part of this project, which offers an ideal office space for teams of all sizes. We delivered a range of premium office furniture items that seamlessly integrate with the vibrant atmosphere of WeWork Harcourt.

This coworking environment features WeWork's signature amenities, including onsite staff, fully stocked printing stations, and private phone booths. But what truly sets it apart is the inviting outdoor space that allows members to stay refreshed and inspired throughout the day.

Located adjacent to the LUAS at Harcourt Street, WeWork Harcourt provides convenient access to some of Dublin's best restaurants, bars, and entertainment options on Grafton Street. It's a location that puts you right in the center of the action, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic and energetic setting.

Carel Woodworks is committed to creating furniture and office solutions that promote productivity, collaboration, and innovation. We believe that a well-designed workspace can inspire excellence, and our collaboration with WeWork Harcourt is a testament to that belief.

As you step into WeWork Harcourt, you'll experience a workspace that fosters creativity, facilitates collaboration, and supports your business's growth. Carel Woodworks is proud to have contributed to the creation of this exceptional workspace, and we look forward to continuing our journey of crafting spaces that elevate the work experience

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