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Awarded with "The Best of ICFF 2022 Awards" by Chair Tag in New York, Gizmo impresses with the simplistic style in which it was thought and built. Gizmo is an ottoman that pushes the limits of harmony between brutalism and elegance.


The spotlight falls on the organic shapes and natural beauty of the wood, as well as on the comfortable cushion placed on top of an oak board supported on 4 legs. The ottoman has multiple functionalities and can be used in a work space, next to a sofa, but also in a dressing room or even a hotel lobby.


Dimensions: dia 450 x 410 mm

  • Special Mentions:

    • All Carel Woodworks products are handcrafted from natural materials. For this reason, there may be some differences in the shade, grain of wood and marble.

Wood Finishes

Metal Finishes

Marble Finishes